GUSA Obtains Benefits for Unrecognized Student Groups

Washington, D.C. — Today, GUSA President Trevor Tezel (SFS '15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS '15) announced that non-recognized student groups will be permitted to set up tables in an area adjacent to recognized student groups during Student Activities Fairs. Effective spring 2015, this change will give groups without access to University benefits the opportunity to recruit new members on an even footing with recognized student groups.

In addition, unrecognized groups will have access to dedicated storage space, expedited classroom reservations, and printing services through a partnership with the GUSA Executive. Pending approval from the GUSA Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee, the GUSA Executive will control a storage unit to be built in the Regents mezzanine level for the exclusive use of groups without access to benefits.

The GUSA executive will also begin an initiative to more actively pursue cosponsorships with unrecognized groups in order to highlight the valuable contributions these groups make to campus life. Through this partnership, unrecognized groups will have access to expedited classroom reservation and printing services. These cosponsorships will follow the guidelines of the "What Makes a True Cosponsorship?" from the Center for Student Engagement.

“We applaud Todd Olson’s decision to let unrecognized groups like H*yas for Choice, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and GU Fossil Free table at the Student Activities Fair,” Tezel said. “Unrecognized groups have just as much to offer incoming students as school-sanctioned groups, so they should have equal access to major recruiting events.”

“GUSA will do all it can to make sure every student group’s needs are met,” Jikaria said. "By providing access to storage space, room reservation, and printing through GUSA, we can ensure that the most pressing problems of unrecognized groups are alleviated.”