Project Lighthouse Applications Open, GUSA Executive Pledges Assistance

Washington, D.C. -- A new initiative created by the GUSA Mental Health Committee, Project Lighthouse, was officially announced on January 13, 2016.  The initiative is a student-led and operated effort to expand and improve the quality of mental health resources available to students. The program is a new, anonymous online chat service which will enable Georgetown students to talk to their peers about any issue - from class-related stress and sleep problems to thoughts of self harm. The Peer Supporters will be trained in active listening, and educated in campus resources and pathways to access care.

Project Lighthouse will train its first class of peer supporters over an 8-week period between February and March with the help of professionals from Counseling and Psychiatric Service (CAPS) and Health Education Services (HES). In early April, Project Lighthouse will conduct a beta test to gauge student interest. Project Lighthouse will enter into full-service for final exams this May, and plans to be available 7 days a week during the evenings and nights until 2 AM.

While this program will be independent from GUSA, the GUSA Executive is excited about its offerings and hopes to support Project Lighthouse. "Mental health has been a serious issue for us since Connor and I first began our GUSA campaign," said GUSA President Joe Luther (COL ‘16). "We are thrilled that Hoyas are actively working to improve and expand the mental health resources available to fellow Hoyas."

"Project Lighthouse will allow more students to receive assistance, improve knowledge about professional resources on campus, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking out mental health resources. We will continue to fight for improved resources at Georgetown and are thrilled to help bring this program to Georgetown," concluded GUSA Vice President Connor Rohan (COL ‘16).

Project Lighthouse is seeking applications for its inaugural class of peer supporters. The application is open to any student (Freshman - Junior) who is passionate about mental health support and wants to become a trained peer supporter. The application closes on January 23, 2016 at 11:59 PM and can be found at: