Policy team leadership

Academic Affairs: Brendan Saunders
Accessibility: Dani Zamalin
Arts: Katie Mitchell-Rosengarten
Athletic Affairs: Carter Rise
Dining and Auxiliary Services: Mark Camilli
Entrepreneurship: Jake Maxmin
Free Speech: DJ Angelini
LGBTQ Inclusivity: Grace Smith
Mental Health: Sylvia Levy
Race and Cultural Inclusivity: Alex Alonso
Religious Inclusivity: Evan Waddill
Residential Living: Christopher Holshouser 
Safety and Sexual Assault: Maddy Moore 
Socioeconomic Inclusivity: Emily Kaye & Cameron White
Student Worker Affairs: Laura Fairman & Obed Ventura
Sustainability: Ben Zimmer & Ben Baldwin
Technology: Yafet Negash
Transfer Council: Sydney Jean Gottfried
Undocumented Student Inclusivity: Jessica Andino


Liaison to Unrecognized Student Groups: Sama Rao
Liaison to Greek Life: Tucker Cowden
Liaison to Student Organizations: Ricardo Mondolfi and Annabelle Timsit

Student Representatives

Student Representatives to the Board of Directors: Sara Castiglia & Connor Maytnier
Student Representatives to the Alumni Board of Governors: Ben Germano, Hunter Estes, Nicole Lam, & Anthony Fadil