Policy team leadership

Academic Affairs: Sara Clark
Accessibility: Ken Marrs
Arts: Ahmed Latif
Athletic Affairs: Daniel Fain
Dining and Auxiliary Services: Aneesh Rahangdale
Entrepreneurship: Peter Mahoney
Free Speech: Ben Costanza
LGBTQ Inclusivity: Grace Smith & Henry Callander
Mental Health: Kenna Chick
Race and Cultural Inclusivity: Abby Frias
Religious Inclusivity: Brynlee Norton
Residential Living: Daniel Marshall
Safety and Sexual Assault: Emma Battle 
Socioeconomic Inclusivity: Caroline Barnes
Student Conduct: Madi Thomas & Brendan Keenan 
Student Health:  To Be Appointed  
Student Organizations: Yuri Kim
Student Worker Affairs: Obed Ventura & Brian Fry
Sustainability: Justin McCartney
Technology: Aicha Nzie
Transfer Council:
Transportation: Aviv Lis
Undocumented Student Inclusivity: Faye Al Saadoon


Liaison to Unrecognized Student Groups: Jose Villalobos
Liaison to Greek Life: Kaylan Coke
Liaison to Student Organizations:  Ricardo Mondolfi & Annabelle Timsit

Student Representatives

Student Representatives to the Board of Directors: Sara Castiglia & Ricardo Mondolfi
Student Representatives to the Alumni Board of Governors:  Hunter Estes, Amelia Fattore, Aaron Bennett, & William Wu


Licensing Oversight Committee: Jake Maxmin, Lily Ryan, & Isabelle Teare
Advisory Committee on Business Practices: Kory Stuer & Obed Ventura
Student Survey Oversight Group:  Jack Pelose & Angela Caprio
Student Athlete Advisory Committee:  Dan Fain & Carter Rise
Speech and Expression Committee:  Ben Costanza, Hunter Estes, & Catriona Kendall
Faculty Library Advisory Committee:  Holly Carabbio
Bulldog Tavern Advisory Committee:  Alex Potcovaru, Bella Shin, & Bret Reinking
Student Safety Advisory Board:  To be Appointed
Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility:  Samantha Panchèvre
Sustainability Working Group: Aaron Silberman, Ben Zimmer, & Ben Baldwin
Council of Advisory Boards:  To Be Appointed