Norman Francis Jr. (COL ‘20) —  President , Aleida Olvera (COL ‘20) —  Vice President ,   Bryce Badger (MSB ‘21) —  Chief of Staff

Norman Francis Jr. (COL ‘20) — President, Aleida Olvera (COL ‘20) — Vice President, Bryce Badger (MSB ‘21) — Chief of Staff

The Executive

President: Norman Francis Jr

Vice President: Aleida Olvera

Chief of Staff: M. Bryce Badger

Our Role

As President and Vice President, Norman and Aleida represent the official voice of the student body. Bryce is responsible for overseeing both internal and external operations of GUSA including the Executive and Senior Staff teams. This year, we’re working to bring Transparency, Reform, Accessibility, and Progress to the university and GUSA!

Communications Team

Chief Communications Officer: Winston Ardoin
Deputy Communications Officer: Julianna Meinz
Press Secretary: Harper Thomas
Deputy Press Secretary: Saleema Ibrahim

Newsletter Coordinator: Sally Hayes
Social Media Coordinator: Dominic Palumbo
Graphic Designer: Amanda Hu

Operations Staff

Chief Operations Officer: Eric Ren

Treasurer: Kristina Yarovinsky
Historian: Henry Westerman
Secretary: Hugo Diaz
Webmaster: Sachet Paharia

Strategy & Innovation Team

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer: Lauren Russell
Event/Membership Coordinators: Harper Thomas
Outreach Coordinator: Kai Isaia
What’s A Hoya Coordinator: Michael Blank
WAH Events Management Chair: Chris Hadsall
WAH Social Media/Publicity Chair: Dinia Abduljelil
WAH Communications Chair: Coming soon.
WAH Advisory Chair: Michael Pasimio

Student Activism Team

 Co-Directors of Student Activism: Hannah Levine and Austin Riddick
Campus Outreach: Zhanelyn Cacho
Student Activism Liaisons: Mi Nei Daley and Jonathan Richards
External Outreach: Michael Pasimio and Neelesh Manandhar

Student Affairs

Director: Chadwick Gasman
Mental Health Chair: Patrick Walsh
Academic Affairs Chair: Applications are open.
Sexual Assault and Student Safety Chair: Mi Nei Daley
Student Health Chair: Casey Kozak
Student Workers Affairs: Andrew Adams

Campus Life

Director: Grant Castle
Arts Chair: Daniel Mok
Athletics Chair: Billy Perlmutter
Entrepreneurship Chair: Coming soon.
Free Speech Chair: Christine Sun
Student Organizations Chair: Coming soon.
Unrecognized Student Groups Chair: Coming soon.

Student Inclusion & Advocacy

Director: Margaux Ochoa
Gender Equity Chair: Nile Blass
LGBTQ+ Advocacy Chair: Applications are open.
Race & Cultural Inclusivity Chair: Uju Nwaige
Religious Life Chair: Applications are open.
Socioeconomic Advocacy Chair: Onrei Josh Ladao
Undocumented Student Inclusivity Chair: Sergio Gonzalez Porras

University Affairs

Director: Nicolo Ferretti
Accessibility Chair: Sophie Septoff
Dining Chair: Nathalie Donso
Residential Living Chair: Karan Pratap Chauhan
Sustainability Chair: Rowlie John Flores
Technology Chair: Milan Champion
Transportation Chair: Clay Volino