Federal & DC Relations Committee

From the Hill to the Hilltop, the Federal & DC Relations Committee is focused on advocating on a local and national level. We work to ensure we are constantly informed, addressing relevant issues as they arise, educating the student body, integrating ourselves with the DC community, and breaking the "Georgetown Bubble" that has divided students from the rest of DC. Central issues we are focusing on this year include mental heath advocacy, higher education advocacy, and civil rights advocacy. As Georgetown students, we believe we are in the ideal location to begin leaving our mark beyond the confines of 37th and O. Additionally, we work closely with administration, alumni, and government leaders to organize a variety of events to engage our student body. The objective is to serve as the liaison between the federal government, the local government, and Georgetown University. Whether that be a networking event or an educational event, we want to make it clear that we are here to serve a plethora of student needs. 

Directors: Kotryna Jukneviciute (fall) & Becca Hinkhouse (spring)

National and Local Liaison: Trey Tadepalli


Secretary of DC Programming: Sabrina Marie Romulo
Alumni Network Manager: Maura McDonough
Deputy Alumni Network Manager: Sophia Mauro
Government Events Coordinator: Elizabeth Feld
Secretary of Student Engagement: Naba Rahman

national advocacy

Secretary of National Mental Health Policy: Will Emery
Secretary of Higher Education Advocacy: Theo Symonds
Undersecretary of Education Advocacy: Isabelle Smith
Secretary of Civil Rights Advocacy: Ibilola Owoyele
Undersecretary of Civil Rights Advocacy: Saisha Mediratta
Secretary of Institutional Outreach: Zac Schroepfer
Undersecretaries of Institutional Outreach: Henry Callander & Allie Gurwitz
Secretary of Congressional Relations: Chas Newman
Undersecretary of Congressional Relations: Casey Doherty

local advocacy

Secretary of Local Mental Health Policy: Justin McCartney
Undersecretary of Mental Health Policy: Jeffrey Cirillo
Secretary of Local Educational Affairs: Kamar Mack
Secretary of DC Statehood: Cheryl Liu
Secretary of DC Programming: Sabrina Romulo
Secretary of DC Affairs: Mohammad Khanzada