Office of the Free Speech Advocate

Director: Sam Kleinman

The Office of the Free Speech Advocate is a new office housed within the Student Advocacy Office. Our mission is to uphold and further the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and assembly at Georgetown. The Office pursues four programs: 

  1. Similar to the SAO, counseling students and groups presenting complaints and appeals to the Speech and Expression Committee
  2. Educating the Georgetown community on University policies regarding speech and assembly, mainly through monthly workshops
  3. Providing training on how to stage protests and demonstrations at Georgetown without facing sanctions or adverse University action
  4. Responding in real-time to students and members of the University community when they feel that the Speech and Expression Policy is being improperly enforced, and to help arbitrate on their behalf

Student Speech Advocates work with the GUSA Secretary for Free Speech and the Director of the Office the Free Speech Advocate to protect students’ rights to speak and assemble. Feel free to contact any of the Advocates with any questions regarding speech and protest at Georgetown