The LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Policy coalition seeks to facilitate communication and community between relevant students groups on campus and Georgetown administration in pursuit of a larger goal of creating a campus that is profoundly more intersectional, inclusive, and involved. It centers queerness as a space of integral identities and communities and fights for greater equality and justice on this campus accordingly.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Added a clause on the housing application for all new students that clarifies how to set up a meeting and who to contact if housing accommodations are required for any reason-- medical, identity-based, or otherwise.
  • Submitted an application for a Gender and Sexuality Living Learning Community (LLC) to the Office of Residential Life
  • In the process of adding signage to single-stall bathrooms that label them as both accessible and all-gender
  • Created further awareness on campus about important issues to many queer students, including housing and bathroom accessibility
  • Worked with and continued the progress made by other student groups including, but not limited to: GUPride, GU QPOC, and the McDonough Alliance
  • Ensured the revival of Georgetown University on the Campus Pride Index

What we’re prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Disseminate a campus-wide petition that would demonstrate support for, interest in, and need for a Gender and Sexuality LLC
  • Re-apply for a Gender and Sexuality Living Learning Community (LLC) by October 1 of next year
  • Further work via a housing campaign that brings greater awareness about the limited housing options on main campus
  • Collect data on all bathrooms at Georgetown in regards to gender access and accessibility
  • Create a map listing all bathrooms on main campus that include accessible resources
  • Create a map listing all bathrooms on main campus that are all-gender

Feel free to reach out to GUSA LGBTQ Inclusivity Chairs Grace Smith and Henry Callander with questions, comments, or concerns!