The LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Policy coalition seeks to facilitate communication and community between relevant students groups on campus and Georgetown administration in pursuit of a larger goal of creating a campus that is profoundly more intersectional, inclusive, and involved. It centers queerness as a space of integral identities and communities and fights for greater equality and justice on this campus accordingly.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Passed a regulation through the Faculty Senate “strongly recommending” faculty to use inclusive language in their lectures and class materials.

  • Worked with the LGBTQ Resource Center to make the trans resources page more easily accessible and transparent about University and D.C. policy regarding housing, bathrooms, name changes, etc. Website can be accessed here and includes information on: Student Name Change, Access to Bathrooms, Access to Yates Recreation Center, Housing and Residential Living, Reporting a Bias-Related Incident, On-Campus Resources, Faculty & Staff Name Change, Inclusive Language for Syllabi and Inclusive Pedagogy, and D.C. Municipal Regulations.

  • Oversaw changes established in previous administrations regarding the creation of new on-campus, public, all-gender restrooms. There are currently 40-45 planned restrooms across main campus buildings (including Mortara and Walsh)

  • Added a clause on the housing application for all new students that clarifies how to set up a meeting and who to contact if housing accommodations are required for any reason-- medical, identity-based, or otherwise.

  • Submitted an application for a Gender and Sexuality Living Learning Community (LLC) to the Office of Residential Life

  • In the process of adding signage to single-stall bathrooms that label them as both accessible and all-gender

  • Created further awareness on campus about important issues to many queer students, including housing and bathroom accessibility

  • Worked with and continued the progress made by other student groups including, but not limited to: GUPride, GU QPOC, and the McDonough Alliance

  • Ensured the revival of Georgetown University on the Campus Pride Index

What we’re prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Disseminate a campus-wide petition that would demonstrate support for, interest in, and need for a Gender and Sexuality LLC

  • Re-apply for a Gender and Sexuality Living Learning Community (LLC) by October 1 of next year

  • Further work via a housing campaign that brings greater awareness about the limited housing options on main campus

  • Collect data on all bathrooms at Georgetown in regards to gender access and accessibility

  • Create a map listing all bathrooms on main campus that include accessible resources and that are all-gender