The voting period will be open from 12:01 AM 02/22/2018 until 11:59 PM 02/22/2018 via HoyaLink

Question #1 Overview:

Question #1 proposes the following five changes:

  1. Switch the GUSA Senate from geographic representation based on residence hall to class based representation based on class standing:
    • 7 Freshman Class Senators
    • 6 Sophomore Class Senators
    • 6 Junior Class Senators
    • 6 Senior Class Senators
    • 4 At-Large Senators; Freshmen ineligible
  2. Amend Senate Elections to:
    • Spring Class
      • April election of the Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores
    • Fall Class
      • September election of Freshmen and At-Large
  3. Establishes temporary summer leadership before election of academic year leadership by the full senate in the fall

question #2 overview:
update student protections

Question #2 proposes the following change:

Amend the protections for participation in the Student Association to include citizenship, gender identity or expression, ability or disability, and any characteristics protected under federal or DC law

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Please note: policies like the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Organization Standards currently provide protections for involvement as well. Question #2 is proposed primarily to update the language in the GUSA Constitution.