The Senate


About the senate

The GUSA Senate is a collection of student representatives from all areas of the Georgetown Community. It has two main functions: to advocate for students, and to allocate the student activities fee. Senators work on a variety of issues to increase student representation and input on current and future changes to our campus. All of our meetings are open to the public, and we highly encourage anyone interested in shaping the future of this campus to reach out via email or in person. We meet every Sunday at 5pm in Healy 106. Stop by and say hi!


Chair: Eliza Lafferty
Vice Chair: Patrick Walsh
Finance and Appropriations Chair: Hayley Grande

Class of 2019

Claire Smith
Dylan Hughes
Evan Farrara
Gary Xie
Harry Clow
Kamakshi Bhargava
Lexie Gutierrez

Class of 2020

Harrison Nugent
Lexie Gutierrez
Logan Arkema
Matt Buckwald

Class of 2021

Eliza Lafferty
Julio Salmeron-Perla
Nicolo Ferretti
Patrick Walsh
Saham Ali
Sam Dubke
Samantha Moreland
Pat Walsh

Class of 2022

Aidan Burke
Alec Camhi
Connor Brennan
Leo John Arnett
Jamyson Smith
Kamakshi Bhargava
Tommy Teravainen

Senate At-Large

Dante Esqueda
Hayley Grande
Winston Ardoin
Zaki Thabet