Director: Jack Nalen

The SAO holds regular Office Hours in the GUSA Office, located in Sellinger Lounge in the Leavey Center. Come visit us during our office hours Monday through Friday from 1-5pm.


1. The SAO helps students navigate the University disciplinary system through free and confidential advising. Student advocates can:

  • Assist students with individual cases by providing confidential advice on their specific case, giving students a better understanding of the implications of their charges and potential sanctions
  • Explain the disciplinary process and how it works
  • Assist students in preparation for their disciplinary meetings
  • Accompany students to their disciplinary meetings at the request of the student, in order to ensure their rights are protected
  • Assist students with writing an appeal

2. The SAO educates students about the rights afforded to them by the Student Code of Conduct and the University.

  • The SAO acts as a resource center for student rights. It is the first place students can go to for information about their rights as students of Georgetown University.
  • The SAO publishes a variety of pamphlets and guides to help students learn about their rights.

3. The SAO advocates for changes to the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Student Advocates work to promote measures that ensure that student rights remain protected.
  • The SAO advocates for changes to the Student Code of Conduct that help improve the status of students’ rights on-campus and off-campus. For instance, the SAO helped lead the campaign that resulted in raising the evidentiary standard from “more-likely-than-not” to “clear-and-convincing.”


Resource Guides