frequently asked questions

Why should I join What's a Hoya?
To learn something new, meet other Hoyas, and increase your chances for a great housing lottery number!

Who can register for and attend What's a Hoya?
All first-year students (Class of 2022) are eligible to register for What’s a Hoya? and sign-up for a What’s a Hoya? session. First year students will receive an email with the sign-up information and link to HoyaLink to ensure that only freshmen can participate.

How do I register for What's a Hoya?
Registration for What’s a Hoya? is on HoyaLink. However, registering for What’s a Hoya? only admits you into the program for that month’s theme. In order to attend all the sessions and accrue housing selection points, students must sign-up on HoyaLink for additional other sessions they want to attend each month.

Do I need to sign up for a session, or can I just show up?
Students must sign-up for the session they want to attend when they register on HoyaLink. Anyone who shows up without signing-up will not be eligible to receive the Housing Selection points. Only one session per theme can be attended, and each session is capped based on the venue’s seating capacity. If there is a conflict with the date you signed up for, email

What impact does attending What’s a Hoya? have on my housing selection for 2019-2020?
Participating students will receive a boost to their housing selection probability upon successful completion of each session and online reflection. Benefits accrue with each additional theme attended, but not for each session attended within the same theme, by 0.1 points.

If a group of four students planning on living in an apartment together each attends a session for all 3 themes of What’s a Hoya?, then the group would have accrued 1.2 points, making the group’s total housing selection points 13.2 compared to the normal 12 points for rising sophomores.

I attended a session that I signed up for, now how do I make sure I receive housing selection points?
There is a HoyaLink form for follow-up assessment and reflection, the completion of which is necessary for students to qualify for the housing incentive.

What if I register for and participate in a session, but forget to complete online assessment survey?
Unfortunately, a student is ineligible for the housing “boost” if all elements of the process are not successfully completed. 

Are session sign-ups first-come, first-serve?
Each session has an RSVP cap in keeping with the available seating per venue, but the total number of students that can attend one session per theme will be higher than the enrollment of the freshman class.

I am a student leader of an organization that could positively contribute to the What’s a Hoya? program. What should I do?
Email the What's a Hoya team at to see if we can make arrangements for your organization!