Participating students will be awarded the housing incentive for each theme (i.e., mentorship) the student attends. In order to qualify for the incentive, the student must attend one session (out of the four possible dates per theme) AND complete the online reflection sent out after the session.

The incentive itself is a +0.10 boost to housing selection points. The maximum boost a student can receive is +0.30 overall, after attending and filling out the assessments for one session of each theme. Attending multiple sessions of an individual module will not result in more than one housing boost. For example, if you attend all four sessions of the mentorship module, the incentive to your housing will be the same as if you only attended one.

This increase in selection points will improve your housing selection time relative to other students not participating in the program. However, it is important to know that the increase does not guarantee the type of housing you want will be available at your selection time. All remaining questions about the program’s effect on housing selection may be directed to the program coordinator by emailing guwhatsahoya@gmail.com.