History of Change-Making

From winning autonomy over the funding of student organizations to implementing an unpaid internship fund to protecting student interests in the construction of new spaces on campus, GUSA undoubtedly leaves its mark on the University year after year.

Making Our Mark

We also have created and now administrate a number of popular programs — from the freshman-year staple What's a Hoya? to the weekly Red Square Farmers' Market.

Our work takes a variety of forms. Explore them below:

Our Four Independent Branches

Popular Programs


What's a Hoya?

This program is a GUSA initiative launched in partnership with the university to foster exploration by first-year students into the critically important questions around what it means to be a Georgetown student.


Farmers' Market

The Georgetown University Farmers' Market was founded to improve access and availability of healthy, fresh food on Georgetown's campus. Check it out in Red Square on Wednesday's from 12pm-5pm in the Fall and Spring!


Hoya Hub

Hoya Hub, an initiative which was launched by GUSA in 2017, serves to mitigate the physical and psychological effects of food insecurity and hunger at Georgetown and validate the dignity of all its visitors.