To learn more about running in the upcoming elections, email the Election Commission at electioncomission@georgetown.edu

Detailed information about available appointed positions can be found here

Executive Applications are due by 11:59pm on Friday, February 2, 2018. Apply today!


Apply for a policy COALITION

Each of GUSA's Policy Coalitions focuses on advocacy for a specific campus issue. There are 24 different policy coalitions, each focusing on a different campus issue. To learn more or to get more involved with a specific policy coalition, visit the policy coalition page here


EXECUTIVE positions

Available Appointed Executive Positions:

  • Gender & Equity Coalition Chair
  • Coalition members
    • Accessibility
    • Arts
    • Dining & Auxiliary Services
    • Master planning
    • Mental Health
    • Sexual Assault & Student Safety
  • GUSA Fund Finance Chair
  • (3) Constitutional Council Justices




The GUSA Senate is responsible for allocating money to student organizations, voting on resolutions, representing general student interests, and working closely with GUSA Policy Teams in a variety of ways. Senators are elected geographically, with each district containing one or multiple residence halls. 

Senate elections take place at the beginning of the fall semester. You can find detailed election rules here. For questions about running for the Senate, please reach out directly to the Election Commission at electioncommission@georgetown.edu.