There are dozens of ways to get involved in GUSA, including running for the Senate, applying for a position within the Executive, and joining a policy team. Most application-based positions are filled at the beginning of each new administration in the spring semester, but other opportunities pop up throughout the year. Check out the information and below and feel free to email us at if you have any questions!


Apply for a policy COALITION

Each of GUSA's Policy Coalitions focuses on advocacy for a specific campus issue. APPLY HERE for a Policy Chair position by Thursday, March 16th at 11:59pm! Information about the available positions is listed on the application. 


apply for aN EXECUTIVE position

Positions are available on the Communications Team, Affordability Research and Development Team, and GUSA Fund, as well as student representative positions on the Board of Directors and Alumni Board of Governors. APPLY HERE (same application as above) by Thursday, March 16th at 11:59pm!



The GUSA Senate is responsible for allocating money to student organizations, voting on resolutions, representing general student interests, and working closely with GUSA Policy Teams in a variety of ways. Senators are elected geographically, with each district containing one or multiple residence halls. 

Senate elections take place at the beginning of the fall semester. You can find detailed election rules here. For questions about running for the Senate, please reach out directly to the Election Commission at