At-Large Senators

Senator Enushe Khan

Enushe is a junior in the MSB from Dubai. She serves as Speaker of the Senate. Outside of GUSA, she's involved in the Georgetown Phantoms, Georgetown Cabaret, the Muslim Student Association, and Rangila. Most importantly, she's Chipotle's best customer. 

Senator Jawad Pullin

Jawad is a sophomore in the College from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a member of the Intellectual Life Committee, he is pursuing initiatives on diversity in order to help make Georgetown a more pluralistic and multicultural place. He also has a collection of every state quarter.

Senator Jasmin Ouseph

Jasmin is a freshman in the SFS from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She chairs the Senate's Subcommittee on Institutional Diversity and is hoping to increase student understanding of the diversity requirement, establish cultural majors, bring up the need for more diverse faculty, and push for gender-neutral housing/restrooms. She also wants to improve free speech policies and mental health services on campus. Outside of GUSA, Jasmin is a facilitator for LEAD, a big fan of poodles, and holds an excellent pogo-sticking record.

Senator William Sleiman

William is a sophomore in the College from Jacksonville, Florida. A second-year Senator, he serves on the Finance and Appropriations Committee.