What’s A Hoya? is divided into monthly themes through October, December and February, thereby finishing prior to housing selection in March. Each session will be about ninety minutes in length and include panels, presentations, and discussions. University administrators, faculty, resource centers, and student groups will help design this programming based upon their institutional focus at Georgetown.

Participating students will receive a boost to their housing selection probability upon successful completion of each session and online reflection. Benefits accrue with each additional theme attended, but not for each session attended within the same theme.

The best way to answer the question What’s a Hoya? is by going back to Georgetown’s Jesuit values. The program’s monthly themes mirror those values and are informed by our unique Jesuit tradition.


The first module of What’s A Hoya? will focus on the importance of mentorship at Georgetown and share how to build meaningful relationships with professors, deans, alumni, and fellow students.  Making connections while at Georgetown is fundamental for professional and personal success, and strong mentorship relationships enrich students’ experiences.  Through WAH, first year students have the opportunity to engage in a small group discussion on either academic, peer, professional, or spiritual mentorship.

Cura Personalis

An imperative Jesuit value, Cura Personalis means care for the whole person.  This second module will address many facets of safety and well-being for students.   Pertinent topics discussed will include mental health, stress culture, substance abuse, safety in the neighborhood, and on-campus resources. SAPE will also facilitate small group discussions for the latter half of each session.

Community in Diversity

During the spring semester, students will have the opportunity to attend events hosted by cultural groups and resource centers that discuss different components of diversity and its importance within the Georgetown community.  A list of eligible events and dates will be posted in January.