• Continued providing funding for the annual Disability Studies Lecture Series

  • Advocated for the expansion of the Disability Course Cluster and taken steps towards creating a Disability Studies Minor and/or Certificate Program, while ensuring that existing Disability Studies courses are cross-listed for the Diversity Requirement

  • Successfully pushed the Office of Planning and Facilities Management to offer a way for students to designate facilities requests that present accessibility problems as high-priority

  • Begun drafting a list of shared commitments with the Division of Student Affairs that addresses barriers to accessibility, including commitments to hire new full-time staff members at the Academic Resource Center and expand the Center’s space within the next few years

  • Secured additional staff at the Academic Resource Center for the fall semester of this year

  • Hosted an event with actress and disability rights activist Ali Stroker, which was co-hosted by the Lecture Fund


  • Engaging Blue & Gray leadership in promoting Georgetown’s accessibility resources on campus tours

  • Compiling a clear list of the best language for students to use while discussing accessibility, and distributing it amongst GUSA, Blue & Gray tour guides, SAC groups, and other relevant student organizations

  • Working with off-campus restaurants and stores in the Georgetown neighborhood, such as The Tombs, to address and gather information on storefront accessibility, in order to compile a guide on neighborhood accessibility that can be disseminated through the Academic Resource Center

  • Publishing a new campus accessibility map and working with the Georgetown administration to more effectively publish it on their official website

  • Finalizing the document of shared commitments on campus accessibility between GUSA and the administration by winter break

Feel free to email GUSA Accessibility Chair Sophie Septoff with questions, comments, or concerns!