The Socioeconomic Advocacy Policy Coalition's purpose is to make Georgetown a completely inclusive campus and ensure students of all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to the best Georgetown experience possible. 

What we’ve done so far:

  • Organized the Lend to a Friend (LAF) school supplies drive to provide extra resources to students in need by encouraging the donation of new or gently used school supplies. Through our partnership with InterHall, we were able to connect with Residential Living to secure thirteen donation locations outside each community director’s office. After a strong turnout of donations as well as high demand for supplies, we hope to run a similar drive at the end of this semester

  • Book drive for the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access in tandem with Residential Living's Move Out Drive 

What we’re prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Ending food insecurity on campus 

  • Lowering of Professional Development and internship costs for Georgetown students, specifically lower and middle income students

Feel free to reach out to GUSA Socioeconomic Inclusivity Chair Onrei Josh Ladao with questions, comments, or concerns!