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What we’ve done so far:

  • Hosted a dining town hall and student food forum with key administrators

  • Successfully implemented several long-desired dining reforms for this academic year, including:

    • A permanent meal exchange program at Cosi, Hoya Court, and the Market Pod

    • The ability to add unlimited flex dollars to meal plans

    • The ability to use the mobile app Tapingo to pre-order meals at Aramark locations

    • Reusable to-go containers at Leo’s

    • Expanded hours at meal-plan accessible locations including Hoya Court and Leo’s

    • Increased variety and brand new options at Grab-and-Go locations

  • Worked closely with the university throughout the dining contract request-for-proposal and selection process, successfully securing the following student priorities in the university’s next ten-year dining contract:

    • Up to 3 meal exchanges per day, 7 days per week, all day at 11 different retail locations

    • Flex dollars can still be used at Epi and The Corp locations (unlike some vendor proposals)

    • Leo’s will be completely renovated by the next academic year

      • The upstairs floor will have retail options with meal exchanges (like Hoya Court)

      • The downstairs floor will be all-you-can-eat and will be managed by a new program, the Fresh Food Company

    • New and upgraded locations at Hoya Court

    • All dining workers will keep their jobs

    • Guest meal swipes will increase from 2 per semester to 5

  • Worked with Auxiliary Business Services to host student open houses with bidding dining vendors during the contract selection process

  • Worked with the University to select Barnes and Noble as the new bookstore vendor

What we’re prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Continuing to deepen engagement by the GUSA Dining and Auxiliary Services Team in the university’s Dining Committee and Bulldog Tavern Advisory Committee

  • Designing a centralized dining complaint system and accompanying quality enforcement mechanism as part the new dining contract

  • Conducting a targeted survey for first-year students to get their perspectives on Georgetown Dining

  • Working with and aiding Simple Portions, a student-run startup, to introduce dishes labeled with portions and food groups at Leo’s

  • Continuing to engage students in discussions about mail consolidation, focused in particular on the quality of mail services, use of renovated RHO spaces, and potential impact on student employees

  • Ensuring student involvement during the transition process of the new dining contract and the renovation planning that will result from it

  • Working with the University on the bookstore’s new design for its renovation next summer

Feel free to reach out to GUSA Dining and Auxiliary Services Chair Nathalie Danso with questions, comments, or concerns!