What we've done so far:

  • Hosted a Hoya Roundtable on the Arts in April

  • Began hosting semi-regular Arts forums for students across different arts mediums to discuss shared issues (two in the spring and one in the fall)

  • Worked with different arts groups on campus to come together for additional forms of communication

  • Begun planning for Arts week in March 2017

  • Made art display spaces in the HFSC reservation calendar public to students, and designated additional space in the HFSC to display student art

What we're prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Making space in Davis Center for the Performing Arts reservation calendars public to students, using the model of the HFSC calendar

  • Collaborating with the Georgetown University Collective of Creative Individuals to institute art shares through partnerships with GUSA

  • Creating (mandatory) workshops for PAAC groups once a semester open to the general public

  • Installing a permanent art gallery in the HFSC (with the one installed during Arts Week as the model, inviting Art & Art History Department students as well as freelance artists to submit work)

  • Forming an Arts Week Committee in December and finalizing plans for an Arts Week in the spring semester

Feel free to reach out to GUSA Arts Chair Daniel Mok with questions, comments, or concerns!