The Religious Advocacy Coalition seeks to ensure that Georgetown remains a welcoming and supportive place for those of all faith backgrounds. We often work in conjunction with Campus Ministry, chaplains, and other faith-specific organizations on campus in order to meet the needs of the student body.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Lead fundraising efforts for the Dharmalaya meditation space on campus, which will replace the Muslim Prayer Room in Copley Hall, upon the completion of the new Muslim Prayer Room in VCW. Dharmalaya will be a permanent space where the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism will be represented. Students who identify as a part of these faith groups will be able to utilize the space for meditations, study sessions, as well as smaller gatherings during Dharmic holidays. The goal is to have $150,000 raised for the renovation and furnishing of the room.

  • Organized Final Exam accommodations for students observing the month of Ramadan. Ramadan 2019 begins on May 5 and lasts until June 5. Accommodations would involve alternative exam times for students who are fasting, so that the exam does not fall during the middle of the day, when they have not eaten for hours, or during the breaking of the fast during the evening. Work is still ongoing but we are hoping to roll out the accommodations this year.

  • Renamed this GUSA policy area from “Mission and Ministry” to “Religious Advocacy” to reflect a purposeful change in function

  • Increased our communication and partnership with Campus Ministry

What we’re prioritizing for the rest of our term:

  • Working with Campus Ministry to develop non-religious retreat programs for sophomores and juniors 

  • Hosting an interfaith panel with speakers from all major faith backgrounds to foster inter religious dialogue on Georgetown's campus

  • Advocating for the creation of designated Hindu and Muslim- specific prayer spaces, as well as an interfaith center on campus